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■Men Spyder, a Japanese duo formed in 2019 in Tokyo, Daisuke Sakakibara, a drummer and composer and Tack Turner, keyboardist, composer, and arranger. Both are international musicians working in live and recording sessions.
Lead by retro synthesizers with a strong influence of Funk, Soul, Jazzfunk & Jazz Fusion from the 70's era. Their tracks feature's melodic and snappy synth lines for cool walking, driving or commuting with funky beats, even to feel more luxurious while travelling, turning the most ordinary scenes around you to become like a cool scene from a film. The music styled not made to sit back on couch but to listen to while on the move.
This is Men Spyder, drive your car or whatever the way you wish to travel and feel your travelling time becomes more special with their music.
~Trevor Joseph